I use engineering and human-centered design to understand problems, define products and then build them.

From designing medical devices with minimal language barriers, to safer agricultural harvesting equipment, I strive to solve problems that address people's unmet needs and harness the possibilities of technology. I thrive on mechanical design challenges - particularly those coupled with usability considerations. I work towards solutions through analytical processes, prototyping, and visual communication, and I know that great products result from trusting and collaborative teams.

I have built products in spaces including medical devices, residential solar, consumer products, agricultural engineering, robotics and IoT.​

My interests in anthropology, sociology, history, art and architecture draw me to design. They shape my perspective on how we think about ourselves and each other, and our relationship with products.

Outside of work, I'm happiest when I'm playing guitar, planning my next (long-awaited) dinner party or building something out of salvaged materials.

My work history:

(Formerly D-Rev)


Mechanical Engineer

Medical Devices




Product Design Engineer

Product Design Consultancy



Testing Engineer

Residential Solar Products



Teaching Assistant

Segal Design Institute



Product Design

Client Project




Design Strategy

Client Project


Service Design

Client Project



Assistant Researcher

Agricultural Engineering Dept.