IronRidge: Test Engineer

Test Engineer, Solar Panel Mounting Hardware


IronRidge, Inc., produces racking hardware for the residential solar industry (e.g. solar panel fasteners, support rails and roof anchors) made up of steel, aluminum and polymer components. As a test engineer for IronRidge, I assessed components’ performance with respect to a variety of factors: structural integrity, usability, functionality, and reliability under environmental stresses.

While working for IronRidge for +2 years, I seized the opportunity to represent the company in China and in Taiwan as I investigated manufacturing issues during on-site production facility visits.

Me, operating a

tensile testing machine.

Product Development Process

I was solely responsible for testing IronRidge’s largest product launch to date, the UFO (Universal Fastening Object). My testing feedback guided the hardware’s iterative evolution from its previous release, through multiple prototypes, to the final product. The left image below illustrates these respective components. The right image below illustrates the UFO’s function in securing solar panels to the IronRidge rail.

Structural Integrity Testing

I designed a set of loading fixtures for our universal testing machine, which are capable of withstanding 10,000 pound loads. I designed the fixtures to accommodate a variety of our components and to allow for easy operation while performing repeated trials within a test.

Test Report Templates

I enjoyed using my graphic design skills while creating IronRidge’s test report templates from scratch.