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Thanks for wandering over here.

I’m a Product Design Engineer and Human-Centered Designer. I enjoy solving mechanical design problems, working with my hands, and thoughtfully defining products through a human-centered design process.

I like to think think of myself as a curious person with varied interests. This is what initially lead me into the design world. My design perspective is shaped by my interests including anthropology, science, architecture, art, history and current events. I’m happy when I'm playing guitar, thinking about my next dinner party or building something out of materials that I’ve pulled out a dumpster [or just say 'salvaged'?].

I have worked...

In spaces including residential solar, consumer goods, agricultural engineering and robotics, medical devices and IoT.


Here are some of the companies I have worked at or for:

  • UC Davis Agricultural Engineering Department - research and teaching

  • Northwestern Segall Design? - teaching

  • Maestro - product design engineering

  • IronRidge, Inc. - testing engineering

  • P&G - product design 

  • iRobot - design strategy

  • Feeding America - service design

  • Atari - design strategy

  • College Track - volunteer tutoring

20190613-Maestro8044 copy 2.jpg

Ima use logos to represent these companies

I believe...

In problem finding before problem solving.

I seek to understand the various stakeholders and multiple ‘whys’ surrounding problems. Thoughtfully framing challenges provides a foundation to make informed decisions and take intelligent risks.


In being intentional about communication in the design process.

How can I most effectively convey an exciting idea to my team? How can I set the user at ease and co-create with them during design research?  What baggage might this product form or feature carry? We control the minutia of interactions and experiences.


In starting small, pursuing parallel paths, and iterating.

I quickly materialize ideas in my process, to facilitates 'talk-back' and foster new connections among concepts. Making ideas physical also reduces risk in the process of convergence.


In the power of collaboration through dialogues and visual communication.

Pardon the buzzword, but creative synergy is real. We have the greatest potential when we put our team before ourselves and work together over nascent ideas. Nothing beats making ideas visual for teams to rally around.


In finding inspiration anywhere and letting your subconscious solve problems.

I draw from things I read, see in the street, nature, museums, conversations and traveling to solve problems and color my life. Sketching in a pocketbook helps me remember and reinterpret ideas.

I'm going to stick scans of my pocketbook sketches and sketchbooks here. A mosaic style with a variety of stuff. What do you think?

Ima use a photo or two to illustrate each caption... I think

Ima use a photo or two to illustrate each caption... I think


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