How I explore and execute ideas

My approach to design

Problem solving through problem framing


Thoughtfully framing challenges provides a foundation to make informed decisions and take intelligent risks. I am comfortable with the ambiguity and solution juggling involved with complex problem solving.


Materializing ideas early, and iterating often


I quickly materialize ideas in my process to facilitate 'talk back' with concepts and inspire new connections among them. Prototyping also reduces risk while converging on design decisions.


Collaborating through visual communication and true dialogues


Pardon the buzzword, but synergy is real. We have the greatest potential when we work together over nascent ideas. Nothing fosters co-creation better than making ideas visual.



Capturing inspiration anywhere, and letting your subconscious work over problems


I take notice of and sketch from my day-to-day encounters. Keeping a pocketbook helps me reinterpret ideas and discover opportunities.

Recording various mechanical design concepts