Enchanted Water Bottle

Group Project, Designing Product Interactions

The Enchanted Water Bottle was born out of the Designing Product Interactions course at Northwestern University. My team and I set out to ‘enchant’ a water bottle and encourage hydration through a convenient, playful and animated interaction.

  • Product Interaction Design

  • Agile Physical Prototyping

  • Mechatronics

  • User Mapping​

User Experience

The water bottle encourages hydration by gently progressing through a series of events that increase in noticeability. These events include illumination and a gentle rocking motion of the bottle. The user receives feedback of their hydration status while they drink, as the LEDs fade and reset.

1. Off

2. First Notification: low light

3. Second Notification: brighter light + rocking motion

4. Light fades while drinking

Concept Exploration

We used product-interaction design frameworks to explore and design a simple and intuitive interface that encouraged users to hydrate. We narrowed down on a few concepts after broadly ideating, and worked to integrate them into an effective product.

User Mapping

Prototyping: Concept Refinement

We explored product features using quick, low fidelity physical prototypes. We refined our concept through a series of design iterations of increasing fidelity.

  1st prototype

  2nd prototype

  3rd prototype


I developed the mechatronics assembly from a breadboard to a soldered assembly. I also programmed the Arduino microcontroller with my team.

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