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Enchanted Water Bottle

An experimental product-interaction design project

My team and I set out to ‘enchant’ a water bottle with an animated interaction. We designed a simple mechanical assembly to make the water bottle come alive, and rock back and forth.

Design Tools Used

  • Sketching

  • User Mapping

  • Prototyping

    • Cardboard Models

    • ​3-D Printed Models

  • Mechatronics

  1st prototype

  2nd prototype


Developing a rocking mechanism with scrappy prototyping

We pursued a rocking water bottle concept with simple prototypes. With the help of these models, we designed a simple rocking mechanism that used a servo.

  3rd prototype

I refined the geometry of the rocking surface and minimized the electronics' enclosure size with these quick prototypes.

Our concept evolved from a cardboard mechanical proof of concept, to a compact 3D-printed assembly.

We developed the code for the Arduino on a breadboard, then assembled the electronics into an enclosure.


Exploring playful, animated and feasible ways to enchant the bottle


Concepts for 'enchanted' interactions with the bottle. 

Rocking Mechanism_REV01_522px_400dpi.jpg

​ I sketched concepts to make the bottle come alive with movement. My team and I then converged on a rocking water bottle concept, which I designed the mechanism for.

I designed a simple assembly to rock the water bottle, using a servo.


How the bottle works

The water bottle comes alive gradually, by progressing through a series of events that increased in noticeability.

Bottle sits still

Bottle starts timer

First Notification: Low light

45 minutes without drinking

Second Notification: Rocking

60 minutes without drinking

Drink from bottle

Timer resets



Defining the bottle's interaction and product requirements

We worked out the timing for the interaction with the bottle on a whiteboard. The decisions we made during this process guided our sensor selection and microcontroller programming.



Over the course of two weeks, my team and I developed an enchanted water bottle from sketch, to cardboard prototype, to functioning  visual model.

see more work

The progression of actions above are accelerated for illustrative purposes.

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