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Hunger Relief

Service Design Project

Service Design Studio, Northwestern
  • Ethnographic Research

  • Physical Prototyping

  • Service Prototyping

  • Service Blueprinting

  • Journey Mapping

My team partnered with Feeding America, a national hunger relief non-profit, to explore new service solutions to improve upon hunger-relief food distribution systems and services. We performed research, explored solutions and delivered our concepts to Feeding America at the end of the 10-week project.

User Research

We examined multiple stages and touch-points involved in providing food for hunger relief, from sourcing salvaged food from grocery stores, to food distribution channels, to the reception of food by those experiencing food insecurity. Our team spoke with grocery store employees, observed food delivery logistics, volunteered at food pantries and individually interviewed people experience food insecurity.

Research Synthesis & Ideation

Our team expanded upon our research through weekly ideation sessions, using tools such as journey maps and service blueprints. We chose to address incentivizing grocery store employees to donate more food, asking:

"How might we incentivize grocery store employees to spend more time diverting food from waste and donating it to hunger relief organizations instead?"

Service Blueprint

Prototyping & Testing

We created various physical prototypes to explore solutions across various touch-points within the grocery shopping experience. Grocery store managers, floor employees and customers would interface with these concepts to foster an encouraging culture around salvaging and donating food. These prototypes addressed tensions such as ....

list tensions we addressed, what we had to do! e.g. cards, learning the most powerful language.

Elisa's advice: thought process, what you learned and how you'll apply it in the future.

Designing the presentation: Client engagement and experience/

Solution & Presentation

Here, I will speak more about the solutions that we came up with, and what key tensions we addressed. I will also write about how we presented our concepts to Feeding America, both during the midterm and finals.

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