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  • Created CAD models of the toy from a sketch

  • Machined injection mold tools from CAD models

  • Injection molded 100 plastic toys

Injection Molded Toy

Computer-aided Manufacturing Project

My team designed and manufactured an injection molded toy from a 4th grader's drawing of a whale.

Sketch to Injection Molded Toy

We were provided a 4th grader's drawing of a whale and made it into an injection molded toy.


Modeling the Toy​ & Mold

We modeled the toy as a three part component. We considered parting lines, wall thicknesses and surface curves to optimize our mold machining program and injection molding process.


Cavity Mold

Core Mold

Machining the Mold​

We minimized our mold's machining time through tool path management, surface roughness adjustments, and minimizing our tool counts. I machined the molds on a Haas vertical mill.

Injection Molding the Toy​

We injection molded 100 components of our design. We optimized our injection molding parameters such as plastic melt temperature, plastic flow rate and injection pressure to achieve a clean component surface and repeatable manufacturing process.


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