Medical Device

Connector Redesign

Designing more useful hardware for an ultrasound device

I redesigned a connector for an ultrasound device, at Maestro Product Design. Through prototyping and close collaboration with our client, we made the device more sterilization-friendly and comfortable to use.

Project details cannot be shared for client confidentiality reasons.


Designing under tight mechanical constraints

The connector redesign had to work in a small device envelop. Additionally, its mechanical attachment needed improvement, under a mostly locked product architecture.

Exploring a diverse range of concepts


We ideated with sketches and minimum viable prototypes. I prototyped a diverse range of mechanical concepts, in order to find the simplest assemblies to meet our design criteria. 

Prototyping to validate designs and communicate with our client


We used gestural prototypes to evaluate the connection experience of our connector concepts. The models also helped us communicate with our client, as we converged on our product requirements.



We delivered a machined mechanical assembly to our client, with validation-ready CAD and documentation. Our redesign made the connector unit more sterilization-friendly, easier to attach, and compact in size.

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