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Medical Device

Connector Redesign

Product Design Engineering at Maestro Product Design

My team and I worked with our client to redesign a connector for a rugged and portable medical device. We explored a variety of concepts before converging on a design that made the device more robust, sterilization-friendly and comfortable to use.

Project details cannot be shared for client confidentiality reasons.

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The design challenge

The connector redesign needed to more easily detach from its unit, while still respecting the device's industrial design. Additionally, the hardware architecture of the device was mostly locked.

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We explored a range of concepts in order to find the simplest mechanical assembly to meet our design criteria. I used sketching, analytical engineering tools and prototyping to work towards solutions with increasing levels of fidelity. My team and I used gestural prototypes to evaluate the connection experience of our connector concepts. These models inspired discussions with our client and ultimately reduced risk throughout the product development process.

IMG_3866 copy.jpg
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Our redesign met our client’s product requirement for simpler connector detachment, while also reducing the size of the device. We delivered a machined mechanical assembly with design-intent materials to our client, with validation-ready CAD and supporting design documents. 

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