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Mind Light

Personal Project
  • Mechanism Design

  • High Fidelity Prototyping

  • Product Interaction Design

  • Mechatronics

My belief in product design's potential for encouraging human connection and communication inspired me to design the Mind Light. The product encourages meditation and empowers you to explore the connection between your thoughts and physiological responses. I designed and built the high fidelity prototype in less than two weeks.

Form Exploration

I sketched multiple designs for the device and explored the device's proportions in SolidWorks. The device incorporates a centered and grounded aesthetic, and its colors are inspired by traditional buddhist robes.

Building the Mind Light

I used laser-cut plywood and chip board to build the box, then upholstered its sides in fabric. The device runs on an Arduino microcontroller.

Practical and Pleasing Design 

The lower lid of the box can be removed and inserted into the box to form a stand. The esthetics of the device are inspired by buddhist traditions.

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Lower lid

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