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Procter & Gamble

Product Design

Consulting project for my Engineering Design Innovation MS at Northwestern University


P&G’s Ventures Group tasked my team to design a product for a typically neglected demographic.  We worked with their design group throughout the 10-week project to gain a thorough understanding of our users and design a product to fit their physical and emotional needs. 

Some information cannot be shared for client confidentiality reasons.


  • Design Research

  • User Testing​

    • Prototyping​

  • Synthesis and Ideation​​

  • Client Engagement


Understanding our users through interviews and user testing

My team learned about our users with secondary research, followed by in-house interviews and user testing. These explorations provided clarity on our consumers’ goals and tensions surrounding our activity of interest.

Colin Interview_REV02_522_100.jpg


I ​guided user interviews with visual materials such as card sorting exercises and journey maps.

Colin In-House_REV01_522_100.jpg


I visited users in their homes to gain a more intimate familiarity of their routines surrounding our activity of interest.


Forming insights about our users through research synthesis

My group collaboratively reinterpreted our research data to thoughtfully drive product requirements. We illuminated our users' tensions, unmet needs and emotional perspectives using both quantitative and qualitative data.

P&G Synth Stickies_REV01_Crop.jpg


Our Design Process

Our conceptual explorations were carried out through periods of divergence and convergence, tied together by meetings with our client.



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We delivered both a product concept, in the form of a high fidelity physical model, and a service solution to P&G Ventures. We supported our proposals with product landscape analysis documentation, and branding strategy.

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