Procter & Gamble Product Design Project

Human-Centered Product Design Studio, Northwestern

P&G’s Ventures Group tasked my team, under confidentiality, to explore a product solution for a new target consumer base. Our design team worked collectively with P&G throughout the 10-week project to explore and deliver our users a product with promise.

  • Consumer Ethnography

  • Prototyping and Testing

  • Synthesis and Ideation

    • 2x2s

    • Storyboards

    • Personas

  • Client Engagement


My team began with secondary research, followed by in-house interviews. These explorations provided clarity on our consumers’ goals, tensions and aspirations. My team synthesized these insights into solutions which we explored through over a dozen physical prototypes, as well as storyboards, personas and product promises with our users. Our concepts evolved through three iterative rounds in our design process (as illustrated below) to refine and redirect our concepts.

Me, operating a

tensile testing machine.

Due to an NDA agreement, details of the product cannot be shared.


Consumer Ethnography


We delivered our client, P&G Ventures, a high fidelity physical prototype and a service solution to address our users' needs and desires. Additionally, my team provided P&G a high fidelity wireframe, design directions and brand strategy direction for the concepts. 

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