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Surprise Box

Group Project, Designing Product Interactions

My team designed a box that provides you with a playful and surprising interaction. The box comes alive through a series of interactions. It stands up, opens its mouth, then spits out a key for you to feed it.

  • Product Interaction Design

  • Mechanism Design

  • Physical Prototyping

  • Mechatronics

  • Mood Boarding & Sketching

Inspiration and Ideation

We created a mood board to inspire our surprise-inducing concept. We then brainstormed concepts and sketched different forms for the box.

Building the Concept

I designed and assembled the mechanisms to make the box come alive. Choosing simple mechanisms and prototyping methods allowed us to quickly bring the idea to life.

Mechanism Design - Animating the Box

The Surprise Box comes alive as it stands up and opens its eyes, spits out a key and then eats the key! The box resets itself after the key is inserted in its mouth and waits to surprise the next user.

Inside the box

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